Managing a public property means attending to many vital concerns on a daily basis, but what about when a bird flies in through the window and sets off the alarm, a teenager attempts to light a cigarette in the bathroom, or a squirrel runs in through the fence during the night? You can’t be around for every disturbance on your commercial property. Occupants move in and out, constantly requesting assistance. Ablou Facilities understands that you have a very busy schedule managing your commercial property, which is why we provide professional and reliable keyholding services, so that we can take care of all of your assets when you can’t.

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    The South West’s Public Sector Relies on Ablou to Manage their Keyholding Needs

    Key holding services can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your property is safe. Ablou can keep your building’s keys in a secure environment so that we can take care of any disturbances on site when you’re unavailable. Key holding also facilitates property maintenance – Ablou is able to take care of all of everything, with expert service. This also includes providing access to the building for your staff as well as contractors so scheduled work can go on uninterrupted.

    Why Choose Ablou To Manage Your Security Concerns?

    We understand that you may not want the keys to your castle in the hands of strangers. But you can rest assured that ablou is beyond capable of keeping your keys in a safe environment. Our staff are highly efficient and professional. All of our guards are SIA licensed and highly qualified to protect you and your tenants. Our service portfolio includes door supervisors, static security guards positioned at key points, and mobile patrols. Your occupants will be greeted by the friendly faces of some of the best trained security guards in the game. Because the safety of your staff and occupants is important to us, we have a wide range of security options including alarm response – both intruder and fire – essential for corporate offices.

    Ablou Facilities Delivers Quality Bespoke Caretaking Solutions

    Vacant properties are often targeted because they’re isolated. It is vital to have security, even on building sites and empty property to protect the upkeep of the site. Plumbing material on vacant sites can be valuable and an effort to replace. Luckily, you can prevent theft on your empty site by making use of expert key holding services. Ablou also secures vacant property and does regular checks on construction sites. When tenants move off your premises, you’ll want it to be in the best condition or the next occupants Ablou also does professional cleaning, so that you can you present a spotless and welcoming new space for future tenants. All you have to take care of, is the decoration! Professional cleaning is a great option not only before tenants move in and after they move out, but also for regular maintenance.

    Let Ablou Facilities Secure Your Public Property

    Because we’re dedicate to customer satisfaction, our services can be custom made just for you. We pride ourselves on our flexibility and being able to adjust our services to best suit your needs, based on an assessment of your property. We cater to the southwest covering Devon and Somerset, Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth and Taunton. Let us here at Ablou be there for your property when you cannot.