The work of a landlord is never complete. Property requires constant upkeep and a vigilant eye. As a landlord, you’re in charge of the building’s maintenance, security as well as keeping your tenants happy. Because this can be a daunting task, you need professional and reliable assistance to make sure that you never miss a beat. With Ablou Facilities’ expert facilities management services, you know that everything is taken care of. We can be there for you, for every aspect of your building’s upkeep; from cleaning to security and keyholding solutions, we have you covered.

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    Landlords Across the South West Trust in Ablou’s for Property Management Solutions

    Ablou Facilities offers a wide range of reliable and convenient services for property managers and private landlords. This includes end of tenancy cleaning, which is perfect for maintaining the cleanliness and integrity of your property. Make sure that all your new tenant needs to worry about is decorating their flawless new space by welcoming them to a spotless space.

    Because you can’t guarantee the condition of the space after tenants move out, rest easy, knowing Ablou provides reliable, quick and efficient service. We also keep an eye out on vacant properties while waiting for you to find the ideal occupant. Estate agents can also benefit from this service while waiting for the perfect new owner for empty properties. Vacant properties are usually an easy target for criminal activity. Give yourself one less thing to worry about by ensuring that it is constantly protected.

    Ablou’s Versatile Keyholding Services Have Got You Covered

    Ablou Facilities keyholding services also allows you to control access for contractors whenever you may need to do some maintenance and renovating on your property, which makes organising both you and your tenants busy schedules easy and ensures your safety. Plumbing issues can quickly be resolved and electricians can get your proper up to standard without residents having to be around. Additionally, they have the peace of mind of knowing that their space is protected as only scheduled contractors are given access.

    Having spare keys kept safely by our security means there’s no need to call a locksmith when a tenant is locked out of their property, saving your tenant’s time and you money without compromising on security. As a landlord, safety and security of your occupants and their property is of utmost importance and concern. That is why our alarm activation response is vital for maintaining a thriving enterprise. We also provide regular checks on locks and routine visits to the premises.

    All of our key guards are highly professional and discreet, and all have been trained, screened and SIA licensed. Our broad portfolio extends beyond residential buildings as we also service commercial clients. Ablou provides tailor-made solutions to meet all you unique and individual requirements. We pride ourselves on our flexibility which enables us to cater to whatever you need for your property. Before beginning any service, we conduct a thorough audit of your requirements, making us a cut above the rest.

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    Give Ablou Facilities a call if you’re in the South West area. We cover Devon, Somerset, Exeter, Torguay, Plymouth and Taunton. Our portfolio includes intruder and fire alarm response, mobile security patrols, locking and unlocking and vacant property checks.