As business and property owners in the rigorous industrial sector, Ablou understands the many pressing matters that you and your staff need to attend to, and do not need the added stress of not being able to gain access to the premises when need be. Unfortunately, the unexpected can happen and at times you find yourself needing your response from an outsourced keyholding company. By outsourcing your property maintenance services out to responsible spare key caretakers, you guarantee uninterrupted admittance to your site, as well as a guard unit to respond to alarm activation in emergency situations. Ablou facilitates adaptable keyholding solutions, designed to accommodate all the needs of our industrial clients. We understand the individual needs of the industrial sector, and our courteous and discerning key guards are well trained in reduce adverse effects on your company’s daily operations.

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    Ablou Facilities Provides Reliable Industrial Property Maintenance Services

    We provide a consistent and reliable response to our clients, meeting a broad scope of day-to-day demands. Our industrial clients in the South West confidently trust in Ablou Facilities to manage their premises’ keyholding needs for a few reasons;

    • Manufacturing sites and warehouses are hot targets for criminals, due to the fact that there is so much expensive equipment on site, like tools, machinery and materials.
    • We cater to your unique caretaking and security demands and create a tailored solution that’s perfect for you. We can add value to your organisation in many ways, as our property maintenance services also include commercial cleaning and security services.
    • All of our experienced and talented key guards have been SIA certified and vetted.
    • We have a track record for providing high quality property management services with reliable response times, to ensure minimal disruption to your daily activities.

    Ablou Delivers Exemplary Service to Our South West Industrial Clients

    At Ablou Facilities, we provide many bespoke keyholding services, with solutions crafted to accommodate all of your industrial property maintenance needs. Ablou’s range of security services includes alarm activation response, daily guard patrols any other function which ensures the safety and security of your property, your employees and your assets. Our adept security guards will attend to your premises and perform all the tasks which keeping grounds safe may entail. Bank on Ablou Facilities for reliable alarm activation response, daily visits and any other tasks you may need our professional staff to carry out.

    Ablou Facilities Is Here To Meet and Exceed Your Industrial property Needs

    Ablou delivers outstanding keyholding and facilities management services that are extremely flexible, tailored to meet your every requirement, even the specialised the security and keyholding requirements of our industrial clients. Our professional cleaning services will increase your operations’ effectiveness. Ablou Facilities grasp that every company’s security needs are different, particularly in the case of the industrial sector’s complex challenges. After researching your requirements, we will provide you with a tailored solution to accommodate your specific needs based on our assessments. Ablou delivers exemplary keyholding services in the South West areas of Devon and Somerset, which covers Plymouth, Torquay, Exeter and Taunton.