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Ablou Security provides professional, and reliable security services to businesses in Devon, protecting your business, premises and staff with static security guards, mobile patrols and key holding throughout the Southwest of England, including Exeter, Torquay, Tiverton, Taunton and beyond.

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When you need a security company that understands how much you value your personnel, property and assets, Ablou Facilities is the name to remember. Our comprehensive security service offerings include a range of services, and our packages are customised to meet your specific security needs. No matter how big or small your needs may be, we have a solution available, whether it’s static security guards you need, door supervisors, mobile patrols, keyholding services, alarm response or event security for a special occasion.

We understand that no two clients are the same, which is why we perform in-depth assessments to gauge your security concerns, and tailor a package of services to address these concerns. Ablou Facilities’ security services are offered throughout the South West area, including the Devon, Somerset, Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth and Taunton areas. Our security personnel are highly skilled, equipped, qualified and trained to be outstanding in their fields.

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Ablou Security provide security services throughout the South West of England, if you need static security guards, mobile patrols or key holding in and around Exeter, Torquay, Taunton or Tiverton get in touch and discuss how we can help.

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    Security Services we offer

    Static Security Guards

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    At Ablou Facilities, we never underestimate the value that well-trained security personnel and keyholders provides to our clients. We make protecting your assets, tenants, staff and/or property our number one priority, giving you the peace of mind to manage your primary concerns. Our static guards are available to be stationed anywhere they are required, and they have all been highly equipped with training, experience and SIA licenses. Whether you need a static security guard to patrol your construction site, monitor your shopfront to deter potential thieves, we have highly-skilled security personnel standing by to assist you.

    We also provide corporate clients and commercial buildings with static guards to man their reception desk. They can monitor CCTV surveillance in your control room or provide crowd control and crisis response as required. Our solutions are very flexible, enabling us to provide a wide scope of excellent security services to a wide range of industries, including office buildings, shopping complexes, building sites, factories, warehouses and more. No matter how unique your security needs may be, our static guards are trained to react appropriately and provide the proactive and reactive safety and security you can trust in.

    Door Supervisors

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    Door Supervisors, more commonly known as bouncers, door staff or doormen, are the personnel responsible for managing the safety and security of the people on your premises by monitoring the entrance to the venue. Door supervisors play a very important role, as they are responsible for judging whether or not it is appropriate to give someone access to the building. They may be required to check identification to determine whether someone has authority to enter certain areas, or for example they may need to verify that someone is not underage or engaging in illegal activities which may bring harm to the occupants of the premises, putting your venues license at risk.

    Door supervisors are tasked with keeping your building and its occupants safe, they assist with crowd control, conflict resolution, responding to emergencies, and representing the establishment when it comes to police reports and investigation. This is a big responsibility, which is why we only hire highly-trained and SIA licensed guards to protect you, your premises and your assets. Ablou Facilities can provide thoroughly trained and vetted door supervisors on an ad-hoc or ongoing basis, depending entirely on your needs. We will customise the right solution for you, no matter how unique your requirements may be.

    Mobile Patrols

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    Mobile Guards provide an additional layer of security by monitoring your premises and its perimeters, particularly after hours, when your assets are most vulnerable. Ablou Facilities offers a mobile patrol service, which includes a dedicated response team which is available to secure your business premises 24 hours a day. Our mobile patrol team runs routine checks to safeguard your building from invasion, theft or property damage. In the case of an intruder, mobile response units are responsible for managing the situation, informing the authorities and emergency contacts and reporting the circumstances to management.

    Mobile guards do their patrols and make periodic site visits to constantly assess your safety concerns, ensuring your peace of mind. Inspections include making sure that all doors and windows are locked, that no incidents have taken place, and that all appears to be in order. Mobile guards are a cost-effective alternative to static guards, as they do not remain onsite 24/7 but rather monitor periodically and rapidly respond as they are needed. All our guards are highly skilled, trained and SIA certified. No matter what your security concerns may be, Ablou Facilities have a security solution to suit both your needs and your budget.

    Key Holding & Alarm Response

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    Whether you are a private or commercial property owner, real estate agent or leisure property manager, Ablou Facilities know that there are countless issues that you need to deal with on a day to day basis to ensure that your operations run smoothly. We also understand that when there is an emergency, it is vital to have a reliable support team to call for backup in times of need. Our Keyholding services are available to ensure that you and your employees never have to worry about being locked out of your premises and needing a spare key from offsite. Ablou Facilities provide a comprehensive range of bespoke keyholding and alarm response services, with flexible solutions custom designed to meet your building’s or sites specific needs.

    Ablou Facilities’ Key Guards are highly trained and skilled, and are available around the clock to provide any keyholding services you may require. Our key guards are all SIA certified and experienced in performing a range of tasks, including responding to fire or intruder alarm activation, to provide after hour access to staff when necessary, to provide routine lockup inspections, and much more. Our keyholding solutions are unique to each customer, as we carry out a comprehensive audit to assess your security needs and meet them optimally.